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It's FIJI Time


In Fiji, there is a term you must need to know. There’s no need to speak out these two words, but I can actually feel it in my personal experiences. Guess what is it?

Before getting onto the plane, the Air Pacific’s flight was delayed for an hour.
Airport in Nadi

Airport in Nadi

However, the flight information board in the airport did not show “DELAY”. It is because in Fiji, people are having “Fiji Time”. When our flight arrived and stopped, it took almost 20 mins for the plane door to be opened, and then it came up with a dark-skinned guy with a big smile saying “Welcome to Fiji, it’s Fiji Time”. That’s right, I have just stepped into Fiji. After finishing the immigration procedure, I waited for the baggages, well, just waited for an hour. That’s one small step for the short hand, one giant leap for travelers. Since you got out of the plane, no more oppression and it’s Fiji Time. I feel it.

But then I was assimilated. I took the stuff and waited for free shuttle from airport to hotel. Well …Fiji Time again.
I arrived at the hotel and waited for check-in…2 receptionists were serving for 3 customers. Yes, I was queuing as I was the third customer. I was thinking I would not need to use half hour for a key card, right? Bingo~! I used more than 30 mins to get the card. The staffs were not in slow motion like your grandma, they were not chatting with anyone, and they were fully focused on their work. I just cannot figure out how they can use so much time to give me a key card. Never mind, I was assimilated.
And it comes to dinner time, you are not having fine dining in a French restaurant, but something similar, the time. Yes, it is Fiji Time for sure.
The most unforgettable thing was, one day I was in Mana Island Resort. The staffs there were so nice and professional, I was really satisfied with their service, so the story was not about “service”. I have already reserved 30 mins for their Fiji Time, I was fully confident that I could catch the seaplane to Nadi booked before. A couple was checking-out and seems that they would need to catch the Ferry at 10:30am. When the time passed by, it’s already nearly 10:30am. The hotel did not ask for more staffs to help the guests, but told the couple, “No worry, there will be another ferry at 1:30pm.” We also asked the reception to hurry up, and the staff said “It’s OK, the seaplane is also in Fiji Time, he will wait for you.” I am not complaining, it is because I was assimilated. (Orz)
A few days later, I came to Mana Island again for the Seaspray, the Cruises also recommended passengers to have travel insurance to cover the missed connections with flights due to the lateness of their vessels. Funny, huh?
Backed to Hong Kong, a city with modern business, commerce and money, everything is talking about economic benefit. Can imagine that people in Hong Kong might not get used to the “Fiji Time”.

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